SUNLINQ - Folding Solar Power

SKU: GS-PN22105


Converts sunlight directly into 12V electricity - ideal for recharging consumer electronics and maintaining vehicle batteries. Easily folds up to fit into glove box, pocket or backpack. Ideal for charging mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and most portable electronics.
  • Ideal for camping & outdoor activities as it is lightweight & portable.
  • Vehicle battery: trickle charges and maintains vehicle batteries by using 12V vehicle power outlet. 
  • Works in all types of weather, even in low light conditions. 
  • Trickle charges and maintains marine batteries by using battery clamps. 
  • Built-in charge regulator to protect portable electronics. 
  • Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse battery discharge. Ultra-high efficiency, flexible thin panels - no rigid, breakable glass.

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