Worldpro Antenna Unit



This highly portable device weighs less than 1kg and at 200 x 150mm is the smallest device in the BGAN range. Over a standard IP connection, it connects at up to 384kbps in the receive direction, and up 240kbps when sending. Streaming data is available at 32kbps and 64kbps for both send and receive. The terminal connects to a laptop computer via a USB port or over a Bluetooth wireless connection. The unique feature of the Nera WorldPro 1000 is its separate antenna, attached by cable, which allows the user to position the antenna on a window sill while working indoors. Voice is via a custom Nera handset or via a Bluetooth handset (Not included - Handset can be purchased separetly). This package comes with an extra battery and a carrying case.

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Type: Portable

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