About Us

Globalsat Group  is the first Pan-American mobile satellite service (MSS) provider. The group is an industry leader providing Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) in Latin America since 1999 and has offices in the United States, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico as well as distributors in the region’s most important cities.


Currently, Globalsat Group is in charge of mobile satellite data and voice solutions for thousands of customers in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Government, Defense, Media, Mining, Banking, Agriculture, NGOs and Tourism. Delivered solutions span all MSS service areas including land, sea and air, both directly and through distributors in major Latin American cities.

Regional Offices

The group owns and/or operates the following companies:

  • Globalsat Group LLC (Globalsat U.S.), with offices in Davie, Florida, coordinates the logistics of the whole group, specializes in operating our e-commerce platform and the fast delivery of our solutions for the Americas and Spain.
  • Globalsat Bolivia Ltda. (Globalsat Bolivia), with offices in Santa Cruz, maintains a solid customer base in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Security, Government and Tourism sectors. The company has developed in-house solutions for pipeline monitoring systems, live media streaming & broadcasting, fleet management and environmental monitoring, among others.
  • Globalsat do Brasil Ltda. (Globalsat Brazil), with offices in Vitoria, S.Santo and Londrina, Parana. Currently, it is in the process of obtaining the local Government permissions.
  • Globalsat Telecomunicaciones Chile Ltda. (Globalsat Chile), with offices in Las Condes, Santiago, is particularly focused on providing satellite communication solutions for government and private entities. Currently the company is part of the Chilean Government's critical communication solutions and the Navy's new tsunami early warning system, as well as serving the ONEMI communications networks, air force, police and emergency systems of Regional Governments, among others.
  • Globalsat Colombia Telecomunicaciones Ltda. (Globalsat Colombia), with offices in Bogotá, is operating since February 2014 and a license from the Government of Colombia for the provision of equipment and satellite services.
  • Globalsat Peru Telecomunicaciones SAC / ST2 SAC (Globalsat Peru), with offices in San Isidro, Lima, is operating since January 2013 and has permission from the Government of Peru for the provision of equipment and satellite services.
  • MultiSAT- Distribución y Tecnologías SA de CV (Multisat Mexico), with offices in Merida, Yucatan, is operating since 2004. Globalsat Group has a strategic alliance with Multisat for all the Mexican territory.