IsatDock MAGNETIC vehicular antenna


Beam Communications

The IsatDock ISD715 Active Vehicular Magnetic Antenna is designed primarily for transport applications (although it can be installed in a permanent location where a low profile active antenna is preferred). Designed to work with Beam Communications IsatDocks and tracking applications such as LeoTRAK-Online and On-Sat-Track. 

The Magnetic mount, the antenna is very easy to install and move from asset to asset and doesn’t require any holes to be drilled for fitting. Antenna cable connection is protected from the environment with its outer enclosure.


  • High quality enclosure
  • Active antenna
  • Temp Range -25°to + 55°C 
  • SMA / SMA
  • Omni directional
  • Dimensions / Weight
    • Height – 7.5cm 
    • Width – 14.6 cm
    • Length – 14.6 cm
    • Weight – 0.87kg
  • Power
    • Power supplied by IsatDock
    • No additional power required

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