Globalsat Group COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Friends,

As a consequence of the international crisis we are all experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the companies that comprise the Globalsat Group, have launched special actions in order to ensure that we continue to operate as usual, that we continue to be fully available to answer any of our customers concerns, and that we can continue to provide uninterrupted satellite services. We know our customers rely on us in order to maintain their operational activities, which in some cases involve critical services.

As we currently rely on a highly dynamic organization and focused on interactions through highly available platforms, we have been able to quickly implement home office operations for most of our staff. In this way, we are able to protect our personnel’s health and at the same time keep providing the attention and added value our customers have come to expect from us. However, please keep in mind that phone access may be modified (phone calls may arrive from different phone numbers) and some processes may be slightly altered in speed, particularly when some of the requirements might require an on-site interaction.

We are also working with our business partners to ensure that we receive the same commitments from them as were providing, especially from operators for satellites constellations and land infrastructure, which are also working in a proactive way to protect their employees and operations, strengthening their potential impact situations towards reducing risk of interruptions.

Accordingly, the actions we have taken should prevent any interruptions to your activities, we are fully committed in providing your business with the same customer service and attention that you’ve have come to expect from us.

Globalsat Group staff wishes all of you to stay safe during the following days, next to your loved ones, and to keep counting on us.

Best regards,

J. Alberto Palacios,
CEO Globalsat Group

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