Globalsat Group is again bestowed the Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award

The company is the first Pan-American MSS provider to receive this award for a third time, having received it first in 2016, again in 2017 and now in 2020.

Globalsat F&S 2020 Award

Globalsat F&S 2020, 2017, 2016 Awards

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, April 22, 2021 / -- This is the third time the mobile satellite service (MSS) consortium has received the Latin America Satellite Communications Company of the Year award from the highly recognized growth partnership company Frost & Sullivan.

J. Alberto Palacios, CEO of Globalsat Group, said “We once again thank Frost & Sullivan for granting us the unprecedented honor of this award for a third time, validating our long-term vision of agile collaboration with business partners and client-oriented market access through local offices, which allows us to provide best-of-class specific market-optimized service.”

Devoting remarkable diligence to helping customers configure the optimal solution deployment and coverage structure, Globalsat is the premier boutique for satellite communications in Latin America.”
— Nicholas J. Baugh, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst

Nicholas J. Baugh, a Research Analyst from Frost & Sullivan comments that “with remarkable attention to detail to unique transmission requirements and device needs, the Globalsat Group tailors deployments to help clients realize their communications goals and achieve the best value. Its experience developing, delivering, and optimizing satellite systems throughout the Americas provides Globalsat the flexibility to meet customers’ needs across verticals ranging from transport to defense, energy, agriculture, relief, and communications-on-the-move.”

For context, Baugh adds that “amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the crash in oil prices in 2020, decision makers are feeling the burden of uncertainty, while distributed communications plans only seem to become more important. As the usefulness and capabilities of satellite communications expand, more potential customers are exploring adoption; however, the diversity of use cases and deployment environments pushes service providers to offer an extensive portfolio that is highly adaptable”

According to Palacios, “despite the unprecedented challenges during 2020, we have been a provider of certainty to our clients in uncertain times, proving not only the resilience of the systems and products which are for the kernel of our services, but also validating our innovative and highly adaptive organizational structure”.

With over two decades of experience and a customer base that includes verticals like government, NGOs, finance, oil and gas, maritime, mining, agriculture and tourism, Globalsat Group is, according to Frost & Sullivan “one of the top satellite communications service providers”.

The human factor:

The Globalsat Group “impresses Frost & Sullivan with the importance it places on trust and clarity. From its close and collaborative relationships with customers to direct relationships with network operators, Globalsat is unrivaled in its ability to adapt the latest technology and service structures to the local context–making it our Company of the Year for Satellite Communications providers in Latin America.”

To maintain a high level of efficiency and client satisfaction, the Globalsat Group borrows a concept from telecom technology and considers itself a mesh network: customers in each territory are served by the nearest team, and each team has experts in specific areas. If non-local expertise is needed, there is direct contact from team to team without going through a centralized bureaucracy. If this requirement extends over time, the organization adapts; specialists relocate. This allows for streamlined management and also gives all clients access to experts in all areas, including standard telephony, data / networking, M2M IoT, streaming media and land mobile radio.

The land mobile radio - satellite integration boom:

Regarding fundamentals which fuel this award, Frost and Sullivan focuses on an important project in Brazil where the company “will be the key local solution provider to Rumo SA, the largest transport and logistics company in the region, to connect Rumo’s railway infrastructure with satellite connectivity. With the first phase including 2000 km of rail tracks, and Rumo managing 14,000 km in total, the solution will improve reliable communication and live data updates for drivers and engineers, as well as transport managers overseeing the broader logistics picture that translates directly to operational costs. GlobalSat will furnish 300 cargo trains with terminals and gateways that supply uninterrupted connectivity and real-time tracking, along with highly reliable voice and data traffic. Eventually, approximately 2,000 trains will gain satellite connectivity with GlobalSat and transform the way Rumo functions and plans with a new level of visibility, safety, and efficiency.”

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